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at work with criminological themes

prevention pyramid - restorative justice, mediation and redress - flow of life - juvenile delinquency - school education - youth welfare - pyramid of redress - autumn of modernity - prison


Molenstraat 2 / 6

B-3110 Rotselaar, Belgium

+ 32 473 853 473


"I will meet you there ..."
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I offer you different formulas as a start for the development of a format, adapted to your wishes. The content and didactic design (ex cathedra, interactive, group work, circles, video, debate, exercises, ...) are determined in consultation. A wide variety of work forms and content is available. All themes are scientifically based and the presentations are done with a rich illustration of practical examples.

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Scientific models

The image is showing you a selection of the models that I use. These models are the result of my own scientific research. They are unique and part of my doctoral thesis (KU Leuven, 2005). They offer an inspiring and surprising perspective on themes such as delinquency, prevention, restorative justice and mediation. They form a rich, unexpected, and highly appreciated basis for lectures, consultancy and training in the field of education, youth care, social welfare, prison, business.

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